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How Does Nardwuar Get Info?

Nardwuar the Human Serviette, born John Ruskin, is a Canadian interviewer and musician known for his unique and eccentric interview style. He has gained a massive following for his ability to uncover obscure and detailed information about his interview subjects. Fans and viewers often wonder how Nardwuar manages to gather such extensive knowledge about the people he interviews. In this article, we will explore the methods and techniques employed by Nardwuar to acquire his vast amount of information.


Nardwuar’s ability to unearth fascinating details about his interviewees has made him a beloved figure in the music industry. His distinctive style and thorough knowledge have earned him interviews with some of the biggest names in music, including Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, and Kurt Cobain. Let’s delve into the techniques Nardwuar uses to gather information that leaves both his subjects and viewers amazed.


Nardwuar’s Research Process

In-Depth Internet Research

One of the key aspects of Nardwuar’s information-gathering process is his extensive internet research. He spends hours scouring the web, exploring various sources, and digging deep into the background of his interview subjects. Nardwuar looks for obscure details, such as early influences, childhood stories, and little-known facts that might resonate with the artist. This meticulous research allows him to ask specific questions that demonstrate his in-depth knowledge and impress his interviewees.

Collecting Physical Artifacts

Nardwuar goes beyond online research and often collects physical artifacts related to his subjects. He attends concerts, visits record stores, and connects with fans to obtain unique memorabilia. These artifacts serve as conversation starters and provide a tangible connection between Nardwuar and his interviewees. They showcase his dedication and passion for understanding the artist’s background, often leading to insightful discussions and surprising revelations.

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Connecting with Local Communities

To further expand his knowledge, Nardwuar reaches out to local communities connected to his interview subjects. He engages with fans, music historians, and even childhood friends to gather firsthand accounts and anecdotes. By tapping into these personal networks, Nardwuar uncovers stories and details that might not be readily available online. This community-based approach adds a genuine and personal touch to his interviews.


Nardwuar’s Interview Style

Engaging Personal Conversations

Nardwuar’s conversational style sets him apart from traditional interviewers. He establishes a rapport with his subjects by engaging them in personal conversations rather than simply asking generic questions. This approach creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, encouraging artists to open up and share personal experiences. Nardwuar’s ability to connect with his interviewees on a personal level often leads to more candid and revealing responses.

Utilizing Personal Pronouns

Another distinctive feature of Nardwuar’s interview style is his use of personal pronouns. He refers to himself as a fan and often uses “we” when discussing shared interests or experiences with the artist. This inclusive language builds a sense of camaraderie and mutual admiration, making the interviewee more receptive to Nardwuar’s line of questioning.

Active Voice and Rhetorical Questions

Nardwuar employs the active voice and frequently uses rhetorical questions during his interviews. By doing so, he creates an engaging and interactive environment that encourages conversation rather than a one-sided dialogue. These rhetorical questions provoke thoughtful responses and often lead to unexpected revelations, showcasing Nardwuar’s ability to extract unique information from his interviewees.

Nardwuar’s Impact and Influence

Nardwuar’s distinctive interviewing style and encyclopedic knowledge have left a significant impact on the music industry. His interviews have become viral sensations, attracting millions of views on various online platforms. Nardwuar’s dedication to uncovering obscure facts and his genuine enthusiasm for music has inspired countless interviewers and fans alike to explore the hidden stories behind their favorite artists.


Nardwuar’s ability to gather extensive information about his interview subjects is a result of his tireless research, personal connections, and unique interview style. His in-depth internet research, collection of physical artifacts, and engagement with local communities contribute to his vast knowledge. Nardwuar’s conversational and inclusive interview style further enhances his ability to extract captivating details from his subjects. Through his passion and dedication, Nardwuar has become a legend in the music interview realm.

Does Nardwuar prepare all his questions in advance?

While Nardwuar conducts thorough research, he does not rely solely on pre-prepared questions. He adapts and tailors his inquiries based on the information he uncovers during his research process.

How does Nardwuar manage to remember so many details during his interviews?

Nardwuar possesses an incredible memory and has a knack for recalling intricate details. His genuine passion for music and his subjects likely contribute to his ability to retain vast amounts of information.

Has Nardwuar ever been surprised by something he discovered during an interview?

Yes, Nardwuar has been surprised numerous times. His extensive research often uncovers unexpected connections or little-known facts, which leads to surprising revelations during his interviews.

How long does Nardwuar spend on research for each interview?

Nardwuar invests significant time in his research, with some interviews requiring weeks or even months of preparation. His dedication to delivering an exceptional interview is evident in his meticulous attention to detail.

What impact has Nardwuar had on the music industry?

Nardwuar’s unique interviewing style and his ability to uncover hidden stories have influenced both interviewers and music fans. His interviews have become a source of entertainment and inspiration, shining a light on the rich tapestry of music history.


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