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Chelsie Kryst Net Worth, Early life, Career Achievements

Cheslie Corrinne Kryst was a multi-talented African-American woman who held various titles including beauty queen, lawyer, model, and television presenter. Notably, she became the 68th Miss USA, making her a trailblazer in the beauty pageant industry.

Kryst was born in Jackson, Michigan, to a family of diverse ethnic backgrounds, with her father being of Polish-American descent and her mother being African American.

Following her parents’ separation, Cheslie was raised primarily by her mother and stepfather, David Simpkins. She grew up alongside her sister, Page Kryst, and four brothers, Asa Kryst, Chandler Kryst, Jet Simpkins, and Brooklyn Simpkins.

The family moved frequently during Cheslie’s upbringing, residing in various states such as North Carolina and South Carolina. However, she embraced these experiences and adapted to new environments, which ultimately shaped her into the strong, adaptable woman she was known to be.

Early Life

Kryst’s exceptional achievements are a testament to her remarkable abilities. She holds the distinction of being the oldest contestant to win a Miss USA title, as reported by E!.

Kryst earned her undergraduate degree with magna cum laude honors from the University of South Carolina and went on to obtain both her MBA and law degree from Wake Forest University.

In addition to her impressive academic accomplishments, Kryst was also a Division 1 athlete during her time at USC. As noted on her website, she excelled in track and field events such as the long jump, triple jump, and heptathlon.

This demonstrates her dedication and skill in multiple areas, further solidifying her status as a well-rounded and accomplished individual.

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Early Career

Kryst is a dedicated civil litigation attorney, working full-time at Pyner Spruill law firm in Charlotte, as reported by the Charlotte Observer. With licensure to practice law in both North and South Carolina, Kryst’s legal expertise is in high demand. In fact, she even serves as the lawyer for Franklin, who holds the Miss America title.

Career Achievement

In December 2018, Kryst celebrated a major career milestone as she was officially sworn into two state bars. She shared her joy on Instagram, calling it one of the proudest moments of her life.

Despite her success in the legal field, Kryst revealed in a May interview with the Observer that she would consider putting her career on hold if she were to win Miss USA. She stated that she would sell her car, move to New York City, and embrace a nomadic lifestyle for the next year.

This demonstrates Kryst’s passion for both her profession and her aspirations in the pageantry world.

Chelsie Kryst Net Worth

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge Cheslie Krysts untimely passing. Prior to her passing, she had achieved remarkable success in her career and had an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Kryst was a prominent figure in the media industry serving as a television correspondent and accomplished model. she had also distinguished herself in the pageant world earning the title of Miss USA 2019.

While her financial success was a testament to her hard work and talent it is important to remember that Kryst’s legacy extends far beyond her net worth. She was a source of inspiration to many, and her impact on the industry will not be forgotten.

NameCheslie Corrinne Kryst
Net Worth$1 million
Professionbeauty queen, lawyer, model

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